Windshield Repair

For a busy driver, there’s nothing more frustrating than a windshield chip or crack caused by a flying rock.  Even the smallest chip can lead to long cracks when exposed to heat, cold, and road vibrations, eventually requiring a complete windshield replacement.  To prevent this inconvenience and added expense, it is critical to repair the damage as quickly as possible.

In many cases, this service can be performed at no cost to our customers!  Participating insurance providers may waive the deductible for the repair as you are saving them from having to replace the windshield down the road.  From a safety aspect, repairing a windshield is recommended in most situations as it retains the integrity of the original factory seal on the glass.  Windshield replacement, if not performed correctly, can also affect the structural safety of the vehicle in the event of a crash. 

Auto Glass Repair: the 'Green' thing to do

Did you know that windshields can’t be recycled? Millions of windshields pile up in landfills each year, many of which could have been saved simply by having small chips repaired before they could lead to an un-repairable crack! Show Mother Nature you care about her and have that chip repaired TODAY!
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